Rusudan Gokhelashvili was born on December 3, 1938. In 1957-1963, She studied at The Agricultural Institute of Georgia, ( faculty of plant protection, specialization of scholar agronomist). In 1963-1965, Rusudan Gokhelashvili  worked as a Deputy secretary in the Agricultural  Committee of Gori. In 1966-1969,  she worked as a laboratory assistant in physics and  special subjects  in the Agricultural Technical School  of Gori. In 1978-1985,  Rusudan Gokelashvili    Deputy Head of the  Agricultural Technical School of Gori,  in 1985-1990,  –  Head of the Agricultural Technical School of Gori. From 1990 to 1994 she was Vice Rector in the Secular Institute of Gori. Since 1995 till present she works as Head of the Administration at ERSU (former Sukhishvili Teaching University).