Welcome to ERSU!

Having over 22 years of experience,  ERSU has become one of the most recognized   and successful  universities  in  Georgia as well as European educational space.  The University  promotes  the development of Georgian and  global  cultural values. It is orientated   towards  the ideals  of  democracy  and  humanism  essential  for  the  existence  and  development  of  a  civil society.

Information on internal funding on a bachelor’s level

Choose ERSU as a priority and reduce tuition fees by 10% , pay  2000 GEL. only.

For further information about benefits and advantages concerning  additional funding of 5%-70%, contact us.


Benefits and advantages

  • Modern accredited programs
  • Modern system of  evaluation of teaching/learning processes
  • Internal grants + scholarships
  • Modern adapted infrastructure
  • Georgian and Foreign professors
  • International exchange programs
  • In case a student receives a grant, he/shegets a laptop
  • Benefits for classmates
  • Free internship with  employment outlook
  • Benefits for sportsmen and arts people
  • Tuition fees that are adjusted to students’ needs
  • Full student life
  • Free medical services
  • Benefits for internally displaced and vulnerable students.


Further information on other important benefits and advantages:

  1. Students whose first or second preference is for ERSU benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees. They pay 2000 GEL only.
  2. Students involved in the activities carried out by the Entrants Center will gain an additional 5% discount voucher
  3. A student having 1 100% grant will receive a laptop
  4. A student having 70% grant will pay 350 GEL only


  1. A student having 50% grant will pay 800 GEL only
  2. In case two or more members of a family study at ERSU they gain a 10% discount
  3. Classmates will have a 10% discount on tuition fees which will be reduced to 2000 GEL
  4. Disabled students pay 1800 GEL instead of 2250 GEL
  5. Sportsmen and arts people gain a 20% on tuition fees and pay 1800 GEL
  6. Students with high academic achievements will be given scholarships of 150 GEL, 100 GEL, 50 GEL. The five best students will be awarded  the Rector’s  Scholarship of 300 GEL.;
  7. Students studying in Gori – the conflict zone,  and  having a 50% and 70% grants, will study free.


  1. As gori is a conflict zone, students who study at Gori and they take courses in priority sectors such as Ecology(Environment), Pharmacy and Agronomy, pay 1700 GEL only.
  2. Students can divide tuition fees into four, or follow an individual schedule.
  3. All students have access to free medical services in the University diagnostic centre.
  4. All students have access to free  Internship and career support services..