ERSU, (former Sukhishvili Teaching University) was founded by Vladimir  Sukhishvili, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, in  January 1995 together with his wife Rusudan Gokhelashvili and daughter, Ekaterine Sukhishvili. At first, it was a branch of The Academy of Agricultural Sciences, later it was transformed into  Small Academy, The Institute of Gory. From 2008 to 2010 it functioned as Sukhishvili University and  since 2010 it has functioned as Sukhishvili Teaching University and as ERSU, since 2017.

After many years of experience in the educational system, ERSU has developed into one of the most successful universities in the regional and European educational space, whose mission initially was the promotion of education based on western, European, humanism related values. At first, the region of Shida Kartli with surrounding areas was a priority which was in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

As a result of these developments there was a continued call for rebranding. Accordingly, a large-scale reorganization was carried out in the University. The University was renamed into ERSU. This was not only a change of name but a reflection of the success and recognition from the international educational organizations and society. The reform and change in the University aim to become  more global   not only in Georgia, but in the European region as well.

Today ERSU is among the leading academic institutions where there are undergraduate and graduate programs together with   the short- term and long- term certificate programs.