Mobility procedures regulate students’ free movement from one higher education institution to another. The student mobility procedures are administered by the Legal Entity of Public Law – National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) according to the Order N 10/N of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia 4 February 2010, ,,on the approval of the procedure of movement between Higher Education Institutions’’.

The students of accredited universities are allowed to  move and continue their studies at ERSU.

1.register  on the electronic portal   and acquire the right to mobility to ERSU

2.Registration for the mobility procedures is available twice a year. The student mobility is announced at the end of fall and spring semesters within timelines approved by the NCEQE Director. 

The mobility rules and procedures

The video instruction of the  registration  on the electronic portal.

In case of acquiring the right to mobility according to portal data, the student should address ERSU  with  documents:

.  An application form addressed to the Rector. (to be filled on the spot)

. A copy of an order on the enrollment in a higher education institution

. A transcript of records.

. A copy of ID document. (in case of a foreign citizen,  ID or passport should be translated and confirmed by the notary public)