Vladimir (Valery) Sukhishvili was born on May 18, 1939, in Mejvriskhevi, Gori. Having finished school in 1957, he entered the Agricultural Institute of Georgia. Which he finished with the qualification of  scholar agriculturist. Apart from working, in 1972-1975 Prof. Sukhishvili continued studies and defended his candidate’s thesis at the Agricultural Research Institute. In  2005.  Prof.  Sukhishvili completed his doctoral dissertation and was awarded the title of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences.

Prof. Vladimir Sukhishvili  was elected  a member (Academician) of the Academy of Science of the Caucasian peoples and  as a field coordinator of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Prof. Sukhishvili has published over 75 scientific articles, 17 of which were published in the last five years. He contributed to creation of 4 books,  one monography and one publicistic  work.

Prof. Sukhishvili is actively involved in international and local events concerning contemporary problems and the ways of their solving. Prof. Sukhishvili delivered an impressive speech to the audience at Oxford University Summit about Russia’s aggression in Georgia, where there were shown fragments of this tragic event. The presentation was highly appreciated by his colleagues.   

Prof. Sukhishvili made a great contribution to the success of the University. Under his leadership the European Education Program was   successfully implemented and the University was awarded the European Quality Mark and the medal of Laureate of   European Education. In 2010, Prof, Sukhishvili was elected a member of the Club of  the Rectors of  European Universities. Prof. Sukhishvili was elected Deputy of the City Council of Gori. He has participated in many government conferences and conventions. For a time he worked as a People’s Court judge.  For his active participation in the education of the younger generation Prof. Sukhishvili is  awarded the medal of Jacob  Gogebashvili.

Prof.  Sukishvili has  always been known  for his  managerial qualities.  His work with youth organizations and  in  agricultural sphere, was successful as well as his work as Head of the Region of Gori. Since 1995 till present Prof. Sukhishvili  works  as a rector of ERSU,(former Sukhishvili Teaching University) which was founded by him in 1995. Prof. Sukhishvili’s qualities, skills and experience of management in a large organization, promoted the University’s popularity in academic fields. The university has received three accreditations and the highest estimation of experts.  As the study of business has shown, there is a high percentage of working students at ERSU. As a result, the University was awarded gold and silver medals in rating.

Prof. Sukhishvili takes an active part in the farming programs carried out by The Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Prof. Sukhishvili doesn’t belong to any political party. He is married. His wife is Rusudan Gokhelashvili . He has one daughter- Ekaterine Sukhishvili, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.