Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is distinguished with its ancient historical heritage and unique culture. The territory of Georgia is 69700 square kilometers. In the west it is bordering the Black Sea, in the north and south, the Greater Caucasus Mountains are surrounded by large and small rhythms. Georgia’s climate is diverse, which is related to the country’s location.

Georgia is the official state language. It belongs to a group of Caucasian languages ​​and over 4 million people speak of it.

Georgian currency is Georgian gel. GEL.

Georgia has achieved significant progress since 2004, when the country has started fundamental reforms in areas such as public sector, election administration, justice and local self-governance.

By 2012 Parliamentary Elections, Georgia has approved the state’s willingness to conduct trusted and democratic elections and provide peaceful transfer of power.

In 2014 Georgia signed a Association Agreement with the European Union, which entered into force in July, 2016.