It is particularly noteworthy that foreign studios are trained in the Euragogue Teaching University on Georgian language programs. Since 2011, up to 250 Azerbaijan and 2 Syrian students are studying. Their attitude towards Georgian language and great love towards Georgia is impressive. In 2015 the first edition of Azerbaijanis and Syrians was celebrated by the university.

The University plans to conduct business administration and English language programs in the future.

   Program of Medicine

Aim of the Program The aim of the program is to develop the competences for the graduates the national and international standards, particularly, provide with the in-depth knowledge of basic subjects and develop the clinical skills.

The program aims at training competitive and qualified graduates with relevant competences that will help them to further their professional development and continue their studies in residency, post-diploma education courses alternative to residency program, work as junior doctors or deal with the research and pedagogical activities in the fields of medico-biological sciences or in other areas of health care, which does not imply independent medical activity.

Develop the skills to evaluate the health of each member of the community and improve public health with integrated knowledge of  clinical, biomedical and behavioral sciences and contribute to the development of the public healthcare system.

Degree Awarded :Medical Doctor (MD)

The duraion of the program – 360 credits/6 Year

Contact information:; 595 92 28 92 – Lika Lominadze , Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences .

presentation program of medicine